2009 05 13


{i•e} vr.20.4 - track 3
Henry Threadgill - The Traveller
Court Lippe - Music for HiHat and Computer (Electronic Hammer)
Fred Frith
The Measure of All Things -
  R.Vroman & T. Hassam - The Method (Version A: The Educational Institute)
  Ceel Mogami de Haas - Space, Sound and Everydayness
Skiff++ - SK02

listen (apologies for the dutch news at the beginning): "browser":http://live-wm.residentie.net/users/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200901280000.mp3 or "player":mms://live-wm.residentie.net/users/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200901280000.mp3

by tom on Thursday, May 28, 2009