2010 03 02

This program features music from the Birmingham Sound Matter project. This is the result from a field recording project led by Francisco Lopez last year in Birmingham with ex- BEAST members Martin Clarke and Annie Mahtani. We also hear a track from Seth Paynter’s and Kevin Patton’s new record Fresnel with some intense multiphonics.

elava: in/tr04
martin clarke: slides #4
helena gough: grau (birmingham sound matter)
seth paynter and kevin patton: talking the book down
jan t von falkenstein: hexagon (live at studio loos)
annie mahtani: shadows
jan t von falkenstein: es raschelt (installation excerpt)
francisco lopez: untitled #255
martin clarke: slides #2
elava: in/tr04

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by admin on Friday, March 05, 2010